Saturday, October 17, 2009


Terminal video

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I find it hard to believe he learned that much English in that short time .Some of their parents never let them eat extra food unless it's their meal time or so..because of that situation, they get hungry easily specially boys so what we do to make them learn English fast is to feed them. I hope you got what i mean..

Dislike: Usually when American actors play foreign roles, they speak other languages so poorly.

Comment: The movie is really amazing,great and awesome.. And i think this movie is related in our subject Psychology. this movie they don't show it anymore even though u did mess up a little bit but still good job.

Relate to Psychology: We can relate "Terminal" in Psychology subject. By the topic of "Learning" because the main character didn't know how to speak in English but after a more more days he learned by the help of willingness. :)